The D300 is the best amateur lens in the world. Remember the old D2Xs, used today for about the same amount. The D2Xs are 2004 pre-D200 technology!

The Nikon D300 is much more innovative than it suggests. It is fully obsolete and particularly sends the D200 and D2Xs to the digital history dumpsters.

I have never said that before, but the D300 makes it much easier to produce much better images than previous cameras.

The D300 is coloured better, has better highlights, finer shades and fixes faults, and its high-end AF and visor allows us to render more detailed composition than any other camera in the first place. The D300 shares the developments with its $5,000-big brother, the D3, almost similar. Compare your menus or read your user manuals and you'll see that inside they are the same! I can confirm from both owners that they function in the same way.

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Nikon D300

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