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Baseus Spray head with Magic Telescope Hose 15 meters

Product description


  • Baseus Spray gun
  • Aluminum alloy + ABS / PC
  • Magic telescope hose 5m, 15m after water injection
  • Spray head size 19 * 14 * 35cm
  • Spray nozzle for different water jets


This spray gun / nozzle with magic telescope hose from Baseus is a very handy tool for washing your car or watering your garden. The spray head is made of high quality materials. The Magic telescope hose is 5 meters long, after injecting water it will grow up to 15 meters long. Ideal for long reach and yet compact for storage again. Turn the spray head to reach different types of water jets.

In the retail package

  • Baseus Sprayhead
  • Magic Telescope snake
  • Connection
  • Bag


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