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iPhone XS Pink Sand

729.00 839.00

30 in stock

Color: Silver

Dual-sim: Yes

Screen: 5.8″

Storage capacity: 64GB

Working memory (RAM): 4GB

Battery capacity: 2658 mAh

30 in stock


Product description

CPU: A12 Bionic
Storage: Up to 512GB (for both)
Memory: 4GB (both)
Screen size: 5.8-inches, 6.5-inches (Max)
Resolution: 2,436 x 1,125, 2,688 x 1,242 (Max)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC
Batttery: 2,658 mAh, 3,174 mAh (Max)
Size: 143.6 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.7 mm, 157.5 mm x 77.4 mm x 7.7 mm (Max)
Weight: 6.24 ounces (177 grams), 7.34 ounces (208 grams) (Max)
Operating system: iOS 12


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