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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | RGB Lighting | German | Metal Design


80 in stock

• German keyboard layout

• 104 standard keys, 12 multimedia keys and N-key rollover

• Rugged top made of aluminium alloy

• Descending keys, injection spray cast

• Smartphone holder and detachable wrist rest

• Fully programmable keys

• Rainbow-coloured LED backlight with 21 modes

• Braided cable with gold-plated connector

80 in stock


Product description

This metal Nedis® mechanical gaming keyboard enhances your gaming experience with the all-in-one combination of ultimate gaming convenience and cool RGB lighting.
Adjust the four key lighting modes to the gaming
situation; With the coloured lighting, you control the atmosphere with every game you play.
The robust metal frame and non-slip base deliver the sturdiness and grip you need in action-packed situations.


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